Monday, March 1, 2010

MK in the USA

This weekend I attended the Toupin National Area Red Jacket Retreat. We spent the weekend at General Butler State Park in Carrolton, KY. This was my second time attending and I LOVED it! You cannot replace the energy or strategies created at an event like was spectacular. I am feeling very blessed to be a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. :)

There's lots and lots to tell about the weekend, so many memories were made; however, if you are not in MK, you probably would be bored with most of it. haha Not necessarily, but I'll reveal some of it as the weeks pass because it will require my family and friends support as I continue building my business! ;)

Anyway, here are some pictures of me with some of my favorite MK ladies. They are truly powerful and wonderful women! I have amazing friends and mentors!!!! (I am in all the pics, thanks to my fabulous Sales Director Vonda, so I'll leave myself out of photo comments.)

with my SD, recruiter, & friend - Vonda Miller

with my friend from Top 5 Wknd - Rhonda Bingham

with Senior SD Christy George - she's such a great encourager!

amazing soon to be Queen of Sales of Diamond Division - Barbara Henney
and friend from Top 5 Wknd - SD Misty Lakes

one of my fave people, SD Ashley :)

got to finally meet SD Shelly Martinez
(she's part of the group I have grown up with in MK)

my friend Senior SD Terri Jessup

2 of my lifetime friends & mentors - SD Kim Schwering & SD Vonda Miller
(also my roomies for the weekend and boy did we have fun! ha)

got to know SD Patricia Vogt this wknd (she trained Vonda & Kim when they came into MK)

our stunning National Sales Director Linda Toupin

with Vonda after "graduation"

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