Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

Kayla's friend, Angie, whom I met at a Mary Kay party posted things that make her smile (her smile generators) in a blog post. It was a cute idea and on my myspace page, I have a slideshow that used to play and the caption with it read, "On days when I forget to laugh, I'll look back on these times and smile..." So in honor of Angie asking what everyone else's smile generators are, here are mine!

-coming home with Toby bouncing around waiting to see me
-hugs from my little buddy Ethan
-talking about life with Monica at her kitchen table
-having random conversations with Zach (& no one else being able to follow along!)
-trips with Jenna
-dinners with Mom at the Grub
-singing along to my favorite songs on the radio with the windows rolled down (summertime, of course! ha)
-sitting around a bonfire with good friends, telling stories and drinking a cold one
-spending time with my Mary Kay friends at retreats
-new Mary Kay products :)
-emails and random chats with college friends & sorority sisters
-pictures of my FFA brothers & sisters and their families
-clean sheets on the bed
-warm pajamas straight out of the dryer
-blackberry pie
-walking up and down our road at sunrise or sunset for exercise
-curling up on the couch with a good book
-being debt free!
-a good hair day on a day when I am working (not just sitting at home...ha)
-checking things off my To Do list

Hope to see everyone else post their lists on their blogs! ;)

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  1. I love yours!!! Isn't it great to write them down? A simple reminder when times suck big time :) haha



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