Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday!

Saturday, Feb. 13th my sister Jenna turned 25!

25 years ago on this day, the only way we could all get to the hospital to see my new baby sister was for dad to pick us up in his 4 wheel drive truck and take a few of us at a time! Why might you ask? Because there was a full blown BLIZZARD happening in southeastern IN. Yep, leave it to Jenna to be born in a blizzard. haha

I remember being excited about having a sister. I realize I wasn't that old at the time (2.5 years old), but there are certain moments in your life that have a profound impact on your life, so they are hard to forget, no matter the age! Most of you probably don't know...but I helped name Jenna! :) Mom asked what name I thought my baby sister should have and I wanted her to have the name of my favorite actress on Dallas. hahahaha Isn't that a hoot? Well, that actress's name was Jennifer, but mom didn't like long names. So Jennifer became Jenna. And there you have it.

To celebrate her big 25th birthday, she gathered up some friends and we all met up in Indy. Jen and I started the afternoon by picking out some cupcakes at her favorite place, Holy Cow Cupcakes. We then made a stop at DSW shoes where I got an awesome pair of black peep-toe heels! (hey, the day can't be ALL about her! ha) Then I treated her to a pedicure. Saturday evening we met everyone at Scotty's Brewhouse downtown for dinner. So much fun! Everybody had a great time and a short 2 hours after we were seated, we decided it was time to head to the next stop. So after saying goodbye to 2 of the dinner party members, we all headed to the Slippery Noodle to listen to some music. Of course, no event with us could go without "memorable" moments! haha If Jen's friend gets her video posted from her camera, I will swipe it and post it here because I can only imagine how funny it is!?! Jenna and her friend, Fei-fei, were swing dancing to the music and this guy kept watching them. At the end of the one song, he told them they were AWESOME! (wish you could hear the way he said it..haha) He kept coming by our tables and entertained us. Wow. That's pretty much all I can say about that. ha

So, Happy Birthday Sissy! Hope you had a great time!

Jenna & Fei

Nicole & Jenna

Sara & Rachelle

Brian & Reid

the whole gang!

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  1. OMG how funny! I'm just now reading this post. I had no idea you had posted about your sister too! HA!
    Your comment makes more sense now....




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