Savor The Scent

Be your own boss. Earn extra income.
Meet new friends.
Share an incredible product with others.

Scentsy is such an amazing company! I really never thought I would be selling Scentsy wickless candle products. I have always owned my own businesses as a way to earn a little extra spending money or to save up for travel, but when it became difficult to find a local consultant, I decided that I'd made bigger mistakes for $99 (cost of the starter kit) and made a plunge without too much thought. hahaha I am so glad that I took a chance on myself! Everyone who hears about the product wants to see the product. Thanks to Scentsy I have paid off a few bills and have made so many wonderful new friends. :) Our family absolutely LOVES the products and even if I didn't make any money (but thankfully I do!), I'd keep selling it because we're all addicted to our homes and vehicles and luggage (see, it really goes everywhere) smelling good!

Click on the Scentsy logo below to go to my website and order products!


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