Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

And now the post you've all been waiting for...haha (yeah right) There has been a lot going on the past few days though, so here is the grand update.

My baby, Toby -
Thursday night Mom and I took Toby for his first professional haircut! My friend, Keli Hall, owns a grooming business in Vevay called Keli's Critter Care. I think Toby made her a little nervous because he's so small, but she did a great job with him! He was slightly squirmy at first. He finally settled down though and she was able to do more with the clippers, which of course is faster than scissors...tell Toby that!?! He ended up making a friend out of Keli and we'll definitely be back to see her! We are still getting used to how he looks without all his hair...ha...but he was so unbelievably wooly!

Birthdays -
Thursday was also my cousin Monica's birthday. She is 27! (and her husband totally flopped on her gift...she's had short spiky hair for years and he gave her a barrett!?) To celebrate her birthday a big group of us were going to go down to Vevay to Mo's Steakhouse & Oasis (our favorite watering hole) on Friday night; however, a lot of plans changed. Mom and I offered to take Monica out anyway and she said she'd be happy with going to The Grub Co. in Osgood, so that is where our adventure led us! Her sister, Sara, also joined us for a girl's night. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and had a great time!! We had a fantastic table location and saw everyone coming and going...which was also good because we saw LOTS of people we knew. We've decided that we may have to spend Friday evenings there a little more often! haha So I'm glad Monica enjoyed her birthday dinner!

March Madness -
I come from a very sports-loving say the least! We've all played several sports at one time or another and still really enjoy watching football and basketball. My mom's work always does a pool, so we participate in that, which makes it more fun to watch all the games! I think you have to be vested in the games somehow or it is too much basketball for anyone to watch. haha My brackets are still faring pretty well! Good ol' Duke killed mom's bracket, which I think is hysterical! *smiling* I was bummed that Purdue lost yesterday, but it is a young team and we will seem them in the tournament the next 3 years. Plus, IU lost first round and that is always nice! ha (can you tell I grew up in a black & gold home?!?)

Easter -
Yesterday we trekked to Indy with Toby to see Jenna and celebrate Easter. She was just home last weekend and didn't wanna drive down here again, so we went north. Our day consisted of basketball games and a yummy dinner at Applebee's. Toby napped and played with his Aunt Nenners most of the day, which let his mommy (ME) take a nap on the couch! ha It was great!

Job status -
Things have finally been ironed out with work (for the most part), so I figured I would go ahead and share with all of you... I have decided to stay at home for now and continue working at the salon. I have also accepted a position as a clubhouse manager/receptionist/bartender at the local golf course that a family friend is leasing this year. So, if you know someone who likes to golf...please send them to Pine Hills Golf Course & Driving Range in Versailles, IN! haha It's only 9 holes, but if all goes well this year the course will grow. Jesse (the guy leasing the property) is doing a lot to fix it up and there are 9 other holes laid out, they just have to be constructed on the property! My schedule is about to become a lot busier because Jesse is pretty much letting me work whenever I want and then filling in the other times with some part-time help. Even if you don't golf, stop by in the evening and have a beer in the clubhouse! ha

Fun trips -
I'm really hoping that I get to go to Aruba with my cousins in June or July! (part of the group has been before, the others of us would be first timers) They are always taking these amazing trips and I really wanna go this time! ha So, I'm saving my money and also pushing for a June trip...I have the pageant in July and won't be able to get away as easily. A girl can dream, right?

Alright, well I believe that's all I know for now! Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter! It's sunny and not too cold, so that's a start...Happy Spring everyone!

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