Monday, November 3, 2008

My Soapbox

***NOTE: I wrote this about a month ago, fully intending to post it at the time. I decided not to for awhile, but now that we are hours away from the big VOTE, I feel I have to express my opinions. I wrote this because I'm tired of people speaking ignorantly. Everything I've said in this blog are things I've discussed with friends and family. Some of the ideas I've expressed are stolen from those friends because they made a valid point. I believe in being open-minded, which is not always easy to do. Going into the election tomorrow, I know that no matter the outcome, our country is in serious trouble for many years to come. None of the Presidential candidates are adequate for the job in my opinion. I will vote, even though I wish I could abstain. (My grandfather would roll over in his grave if I didn't vote...he was an elected official and strong party believer in his day!)***

Everyone else has been up on their soapboxes recently because of the upcoming election...I do not like all of this, for many reasons!
  1. Neither Presidential/VP Candidate group knows what to do
  2. People rant & rave without knowing facts
  3. Growing up with family members involved in politics (even my mom is an elected official), I have been subject to the craziness that is party vs. party my entire life
  4. No matter what the outcome, there will be a riot because people are stupid

Here are some things everyone should think about...I'm not pushing either party, although I am pretty set in my ways and already know who I will be voting for.

  • McCain - is older than dirt! Let's face it, the man wouldn't likely make it through the term, let alone a second one. Look at how young Clinton looked when he was elected...his terms definitely aged him!
  • Obama - is a minority! A man that may not make it through a term because he is more likely to be assassinated before the term ends. The race issue already has people divided, so much for unity!
  • Palin - is about a incompetent as it gets! She has a teenage daughter who got knocked up & she has a handicapped child. As if those two things wouldn't demand attention singularly, she has to contend with them at the same time. Not to mention that she's a lowly Governor, who has had her actions severely scrutinized lately. (I'm not a Mitch fan, not many people are anymore, so that wains my faith in a Republican Governor.)
  • Biden - doesn't have it completely together! The only thing I can say for him is that he has managed to stay out of the limelight. He is obviously towing the line, which although we want unity between the Prez & VP, he doesn't seem to be able to form an opinion on his own. (Maybe he won't shoot his friend in the face though like our current VP! hahaha)

And on my last bit of ranting...this is not, I repeat NOT an attack on anyone in particular, but just how I personally feel about the matter - - > RELIGION.

I could not care less about the religious ties of any of the candidates. I have always believed that too much importance is placed on such matters. (and yes, I am a very faithful person) Why do I believe this? For starters, has anyone else noticed that every Democratic Presidential candidate's religion is always the main topic of conversation? If they are Catholic (like Kennedy), they get criticized because they must obviously have a close relationship with the Pope & he may sway their political decision making! If they are Muslim, they must be a terrorist that will blow up the country! Are you freakin' kidding me?!?!? GET A GRIP PEOPLE!!!! For anyone asking, I am a Roman-Catholic-born, bred, and raised, indoctrinated with these beliefs although quite liberal the older I get and see the world through new experiences. I for one believe that on the last day of this Earth, we will learn that the God each of us individually give praise to will be the One & Only. He is the same person, just differentiated among peoples due to translation & stresses placed upon the different regions of the world. Judgement day will essentially be about how tolerant and accepting you have been of do you think you'll fare on that day? The "Christians" of this world preach tolerance & love & understanding, yet are the first ones to lay blame for religious reasons. Isn't it important enough that the man (or woman) leading our society have a faith & practice that faith? I have friends of all religious backgrounds - Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, Brethren, Lutheran, Muslim, etc...if I were to condemn a religion it would be like telling my friend that they are worthless and undeserving of my friendship! How horrid to think about!?! I love my friends no matter what race, religion, etc.

We are all just people...people in a nation facing tremendous crisis if we can't overcome petty differences & as a unified front overcome the true evils in our world.

That is all. I'm throwing my soapbox away...maybe you should do the same!

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