Monday, November 17, 2008

Still learning tricks

Today I taught my 11 month old pup, Toby, a new trick! haha My room is on the corner of the house and it has many windows, thus making it hot in the summer and cold in the winter!?! *sad face* The house was feeling even more chilly than usual so I turned the thermostat up one degree...Toby had been napping all morning, but kept changing places, I assume to find warmer ones! :p When the furnace kicked on, I went and stood in front of my dresser to warm my toes! haha One of the vents in my room is under the long dresser I have, so the warm air blows out under it and across the floor of my actually works quite well that way! I figured Toby might like to feel the heat, so I called him over and knelt down on the floor with my hand near the edge of the dresser so he would come closer. He scooted over and bam! He looked up at me with his knowing lil eyes and I knew he realized this was the place to be!! :) I sat there with him for a minute as he got comfy in front of the dresser, watching the warm air blow his shaggy coat around...ha Finally I got up and went back to my desk (the coldest part of the room near the door) and watched as he picked up one of my old shoes, which doubles as a chew toy, and drag it across the room to the dresser so he could play in the heat! :p He's such a smart little guy! It's always fun to see him learn new things, even if it is exhausting some times! (I know the new mommies can relate!)

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