Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Wedding Singer

On Saturday, my cousin April married Jay (a longtime friend). It was a beautiful wedding...and I wish I had pictures, but Jenna was not in a picture taking mood that day and since I was singing for the wedding, not really able to take pictures for myself. Hopefully our cousin, Julie, will post some pictures on her blog and I might be able to swipe a few! haha ;)

The rain ended before the wedding and the sun came out for a lovely evening! The reception was hopping and we all had a great time catching up with everyone!! :) I have always been very close to my grandma's side of the family (mom's mom) and it's even more fun when you pair us all up with Jay's family (my boss's family). haha Don't ya love small towns?!?

The wedding ceremony was performed by Jay (& his brother, Dale)'s last foster parent, Leon. Let me tell you this...he is a corker! This was his first wedding in quite some time and he had us all going, huh?!? ha As always, the wedding went off without a hitch and those of us close to Jay & Dale now understand a little more why they are the way they are! ;) ha (*additional info-Jay & Dale were both adopted into the same family, the family we've always known them to be a part of and are quite like their adoptive father as well, but if you knew Mark and met'd just understand!)

Here's a few pictures we took...

me before the wedding

me singing & mom playing

Jen ruining our attempt at a good pic! :p

the newlyweds finally making it to the reception!

On another note, Happy Birthday to Grandma Menchhofer! Today is her big day! :)

I am worn was a busy, but good weekend. I had an EXTREMELY long day today as one of my employees was sick, so I worked her shift and had someone work my shift so I could run to Sam's Club and get stocked up for the next month! By the time I finished that errand, worked on some paperwork and other stuff here at home for the course...I put in 14.5 hours today. Aren't you jealous?!? NOT! ha

Hope you had a good weekend! On to another week....

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