Tuesday, October 20, 2009

National Blue & Corn Gold

As the National FFA Convention gets underway this week in Indy, I'm reminded of my own days of sporting the blue & gold. :) Some days it doesn't seem like it was that long ago....and others, it feels like it was a different lifetime. I was fortunate enough to attend National Convention in Kansas City, MO the last year it was held there. Then I attended a few conventions in Louisville, KY...and have lived in Indy when the madness that is convention descends on the Circle City! haha There's nothing quite like the proud feeling you have when you see all the corduroy jackets and you are the one who knows what it feels like to take in all the excitement that makes up convention (especially now that we're the "has beens").

All I know is that I'm lucky to have served my state for a year as an officer, and even more blessed to have some amazing friends and FFA "family." Good luck to all the Indiana FFA'ers as they compete in leadership events and here's hoping they are more dedicated and passionate about the FFA when they return home!

IN Delegates @ 2000 National Convention in Louisville, KY

00-01 IN State Officers with the 01-02 National Officers

my FFA family :)

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  1. Ha... yes.. I use to love the National Conventions! All that blue and gold as it would descend upon KC! Ahh.. the good ole days! :)

    On a couple side notes..
    1. I like the look of your blog! Especially the header!! Very cute! :)
    and 2. I noticed you had mentioned on Jean's blog that you were heading to Ausie territory! How exciting! Which actually brings me to a question! :) My second grade class is in the middle of a Flat Stanley project. We send an outline of a boy to various places and then the receiver takes pictures of him and writes a brief explanation. Would you be willing to take Stanley to Australia with you? IF not, I completely understand, but if so.. perfect! :) Could you email me either way and let me know? buhrma@ludlow.k12.il.us

  2. Thanks Missy!

    1. I had my blog designed by Once Upon a Blog...she did a great job!
    2. I sent you an email from my yahoo account about Flat Stanley; I'd be happy to help!

    PS-I enjoy reading your blog! Your nephews and nieces are so cute...and they are lucky to have an aunt to spoil them rotten! :)



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