Monday, November 15, 2010

Michigan Rained on Our Boiler Parade

Saturday, Jenna and I once again ventured to West Lafayette to cheer on our beloved Boilermakers...icy rain and cold winter wind didn't dampen our spirits as the Boiler football team fought hard and kept the W within reach! It was the 4th quarter and we had reached our limit of fun for the day. When we got back to the car (on the other side of campus, of course) and tuned into the Big Ten Network XM Radio station, we heard the last few seconds of a disappointing loss.

We literally had to wring the water out of our clothes before we got in the car. We were still wet when we made it back to Indy, but were oh so thankful for dry clothes! haha Unfortunately the rain seemed to follow us....when we made it to Indy, it started to rain there as well... oy vey.

I'll just let these few pictures we managed to snap show our game day experience!

before the game...nice, partly cloudy, fall weather

icy rain...dripping off my face it was coming down so hard

we were cold and about to the breaking point...the rain just wouldn't give up!

SHOUT! and who waved the American flag? NEIL ARMSTRONG!

in the parking garage, ready to squeegee out our clothes before the drive home


  1. Too bad it rained on you girls!! But it looked like you had fun for a bit anyway! :)

  2. My fiance MIke was there too! He and his dad were MEDIA that day. His dad was on the field taking pictures and Mike was up in the press box having a great DRY time :)



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