Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Came a little Early

This year the Menchhofer family celebrated Christmas a little early...since Zach is a brand new homeowner and everyone wanted to see the house, we made the trek to Georgetown, KY for a weekend of fun!

Mom, Jen, and I left home on Friday night around 7pm and made it down there a little before 9pm. Most of Zach's family was already there, so we had a big ol' slumber party. haha We played cards, snacked, talked, and laughed until 2am when Uncle K made it there (he works the night shift at UPS loading the trucks and moving semis).

Saturday we spent the day at the house preparing for the rest of the family to arrive. We baked, ate way too much food, had lots of laughs, helped Zach do some stuff around his house, and then enjoyed family time all evening. The kiddos were a bundle of fun! Ethan is still my little buddy, although he's growing up so much! He's reading and that doesn't seem possible yet! ha Callie is such a little character. She's definitely her mother's child. hahaha And baby Henry...he's growing like a weed and is such a snuggler. I had a blast giving him his bottle and rocking him to sleep a few times over the weekend. :)

We all got some cute gifts and enjoyed some riotous games of Rummy and Mexican Trains. haha Oh yeah, and can't forget the rum, vodka, and everclear soaked cherries! Yowza!

We finished the weekend off with a family breakfast on Sunday morning. Most of us stayed at Zach's all weekend, but a few had rooms at a nearby hotel. It was truly a full weekend and our longest Christmas celebration to date!

Here's a few pictures of our weekend of holiday fun....

rocking baby Henry to sleep Friday night

Callie weasling some crackers from mom

Callie looking at pictures of herself with Jen

Callie posing

the family hanging out at lunch time

mommy Sara & her little helper

Zach by his tree

Grandma, Callie, Henry, Aunt Della, Uncle Owen

Gran, Uncle Kevin, Sara, Monica, Callie

Matthew, Jason, mom

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