Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas...from our home to yours!

As is tradition in our home: mom, Jenna and I open gifts on Christmas Eve. We used to do this as a big family thing with my maternal grandparents, but since they are no longer living, it's a smaller scale hubbub.

This afternoon I enjoyed a drink out with a friend and got home just in time to chat with the family while dinner finished cooking. We then opened our presents (boy oh boy Santa must've thought we were good this year!) and enjoyed a yummy dinner. Tonight we're watching Christmas movies on tv and playing with our new toys. haha

Tomorrow we'll sleep in and enjoy a day of relaxing and eating WAY too much. It'll be a quiet weekend as we are officially done with parties and holiday gatherings. Hope you are all enjoying yours!

me on Christmas Eve

Jen opening her new Keurig coffee maker

mom opening her new Wusthof knives...she LOVES this brand!

Toby's loot :)

my loot stash! couldn't have asked for more!

Jen's bounty

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