Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 22 - Good Friday

Wow...what a day! ha

It started out with me working my usual shift, 7a-11a. Then I had to run to the bank and make a trip to get my nails done (and went to Wal-Mart for mom...yikes! NEVER again on Easter weekend!). I spent the rest of the day at home.

Our toilet was acting up AGAIN. Yes, it's been a constant problem...but hopefully will no longer be an issue! The guys that fixed it today seemed to do the trick. :) In a one bathroom house, it really bites to not have ANY functioning bathroom! haha

Since Jen is home, we did her first ever ionic detox. She has chronic knee problems (a-she ran track & cross country in junior high & a few years in high school, b-she is a swing dancer, c-she stands all day at work). She was feeling a little better after tonight's detox, but we'll do it again every day while she's home and when I go up to see her next weekend, I'll take the detox unit with me so she can repeat it. Jen definitely had a hard time sitting still for 45 minutes! Toby thought he should help her. ;)

I even took the time to balance my checkbook tonight. It's always a breeze. Funny how I DESPISE math and yet every job I've had since my college graduation has involved accounting/numbers. hmph Maybe God is trying to tell me something?!?

Tonight cousin Z came over for dinner. His visits are always long...and always fun! We love him like a brother. :) We ate, laughed, watched tv, sold stuff on Ebay, baked cookies, fixed the Keurig coffee maker, and talked some more. haha Truly the nights I wish could happen more often like in the past! I sure do miss him since he lives in Lexington.

And I finish the day...and I've eaten WAY too much food, I realize how much more I'm gonna have to work out tomorrow. haha But it'll be worth it. Here's to hoping that the no loss/no gain from this week (holding steady on last week's weight) will not be troubled by this weekend's pig-out on good holiday food!

Hope you've had a blessed Good Friday! I know we sure have!

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