Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 25

Alright, I am EXHAUSTED. I really cannot remember a time in my life (well, besides State Officer year! ha) that I have repeatedly been this tired. And it feels great! Wait...what? :)

The weather is a major reason for my state of exhaustion. When it's rainy and dreary I have a really hard time keeping my energy level up. I've also been working out at least 6 nights a week, but usually it's every night. So after a long day at work, a hard work out, and a shower...and dinner...I'm done for. haha It really doesn't help either when Toby snuggles up to me and sleeps. ;)

But on to the picture of the day....anyone have any spare gravel they'll share?

Our gravel is all out in the road, across the road in the ditch. Argh.

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