Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 53

This post was going to be light and fun...I was going to talk about how awesome the Scentsy product line is! Cause seriously, I can't get enough. Our house smells AMAZING bedroom and kitchen smell like Cranberry Muffin warming in my Purdue warmer and the living room, hallway, and bathroom smell like Perfectly Pomegranate warming in my Zebra plug-in warmer. *sigh* It's bliss. :)


There was a really nasty storm cell that just moved through southeastern Indiana. It snapped a tree in our front yard. A tree that my sister and I played in the shade of more times than I can count on hot summer days. A tree that stood watch for my grandparents as their children and grandchildren grew up. We are thankful it fell in the yard...not on the road, or into the power lines, or on a car, or the house. Whew!

*And on a side note (back to Scentsy) - if you are interested in purchasing anything from my Launch Party (aka my Debut as a consultant), feel free to visit my website at! If you have some friends who would be interested, let me know and we can set up an online party for you so you can get FREE stuff. As I always say, if it's FREE it's for ME! haha


  1. Sorry about the tree, glad it didn't hit your house or a car! Glad you're all safe!!

  2. I Love my Scensty stuff ! all the scents smell so good :) I may hit you up for an online show in the future !

    That is a bummer about the tree however it is good that no one was hurt.

  3. Bummer about the tree, but thank goodness no one was hurt. Have fun cleaning up that mess though :)



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