Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Years!?! What?

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that I am typing this...10 years. Ten-Oh.

It has been 10 years this month since I was finishing my year as an Indiana FFA State Officer. It's crazy how time flies.

A lot of days, it just seems like yesterday that I was ducking out of the hallway before Jean hit a golf ball towards the kitchen for Money to catch in a baseball glove (what? you've never heard of house golf?? ha)...

or that we would pile onto the floating dock and take it for a "spin" around the FFA Center Lake, even in the cold...

or coming home late at night from any number of events and finding your desk area in the office having been "redecorated"...

It still amazes me that 7 young people could move into a house, barely knowing each other, and survive a year of traveling the state as ambassadors for one of the greatest youth leadership organizations in the world (4-H would be the other one) and become a family. Those 6 are my brothers and sisters. Their families are like additional sets of siblings and parents. I'm lucky. Seriously blessed. :)

So today we celebrated that magical 10 year anniversary at the State FFA Convention held at Purdue University. 6 of the 7 of us were able to be there and the only reason K missed out is because she lives in Australia now. (sad, huh? poor dear living in the land down under! ha) I'm so glad the group could make it! We don't get together nearly as often as we'd all like, but we're spread out around the state...and a neighboring state...and another country! haha

It is even more special for me because my FFA Advisor, Mr. Curlin (who was also a State Officer), was celebrating his 25 year anniversary! How fun is that?!?  

 with my awesome advisor, Mr. C

It's been a wonderful ten years. We've attended college. We've worked. We've married (well, most of us) and had babies. We've visited each other. We've emailed. We've called...and texted. Most importantly, we've grown up...together. Some may say it's because we had a truly unique experience, and we did. Indiana is one of the few states that all of the officers take a year off school and share a house at the FFA Center. (just about everyone else continues with school, taking off time here and there for events, and only 1 or 2 other states live together) I feel blessed that we are all still so close to each other. Like any family, we may bicker or play pranks on one another, but we always know we're there for each other.

And here's a look back at my FFA family. Love you guys!!

Home sweet home for the year
Our first team picture! We just got elected!!!
June 2000
One of our "goodbye" pics - May 2001
Our Team with our families at the end of Convention - June 2001

Coming back as Past State Officers to help with LDW - January 2002

 10 Year Anniversary - June 2011 (minus K)


  1. YOUR WELCOME!! :) I was one of the delegates that voted the slate in!! :)

    Still can't believe it has been that long though!

  2. This is so cool!! You must have been really good!! I was involved in both the FFA and 4H growing up, but not to extent it looks like you were. I'm hoping my daughter will get really into it! They are both GREAT programs!



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