Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 87

Mom has been extremely busy hauling old junk to the scrap yard. Last week she hauled about 1600 pounds & some friends who helped her load the truck today said they thought there was that much weight on there right now. Haha I'm glad they loaded the truck because that stuff was HEAVY!
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  1. Oh wow!!! Did that all come from her house?!? I see trucks loaded up with stuff like that a lot and I always figure they're taking it to the scrap metal place - apparently they pay $$ for your unwanted metal. Wish i had some of that lying around... ;o)

  2. Yes, that stuff is from the basement of the house! My grandparents remodeled the house in the 60's and for the entire time, they lived in the basement which had a lovely kitchen in it...which is now at the scrap yard! ha It was metal cabinets, a stove that no longer worked, a sink, etc. Ended up being 1100 pounds - hello vacation money! ha



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