Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 125

I NEED sleep. That is all.

I have not been sleeping very well...for like 3 weeks. Last night I had a glass of wine before bed in hopes that it would help me sleep. It did seem to help some, so I will be having another glass tonight. *fingers crossed* I am someone who needs sleep to function and I'm on my last leg. If I don't get restful sleep soon, it will not be pretty! ha

Today's picture is to prove that there really is wet stuff that falls from the's called RAIN! Do you remember it? I had almost forgotten what it sounded like, looked like, etc. It's been awhile since we've had any rain around here and imagine my surprise when I was finishing up this morning to leave the house and looked out the window to see a quick rain shower blow through. A much worse storm rolled through a few hours later (even caused our power to go out at work for a few minutes). It was glorious! Too bad the humidity was even worse after the rain. haha Oh well. Can't get everything you ask for ;)

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