Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 145

Tonight after my workout I decided to clean my car. I should have taken a before picture because it was a mess! Ha I used armor all wipes on the dash & doors. I went to town & used the vacuum on the floor boards & seats. Now I just need to run it through the car wash Thursday night. This weekend I am driving to Kansas City, MO for a Scentsy training conference with my upline. Super pumped to meet everyone! Mom is gonna ride along & hang out at the hotel. She's never been past St. Louis in a car so she's looking forward to it, but I have even though it's been MANY years. :)
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  1. Ahh.. I haven't been to KC since National Convention ages ago!

  2. haha...that was the last time I went, Missy! Should be fun! :)

  3. seriously girls...it hasn't been THAT long ago...has it?

    Have a safe trip E.



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