Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Thoughts

This will be my one and ONLY post about September 11th. I am not heartless (although some may think it), I just don't care for all the fake emotions shared on this day. I know exactly where I was at and what I was doing when I found out what was going on. I remember thinking it was a joke because of how I found out. I truly feel for those who lost their lives and their families for having to go through such a national tragedy. I don't however feel the need to watch the 2 million television specials or attend one of the local memorials. I am a huge proponent of not forgetting your past or honoring it, but just because this was a somewhat recent happening, it gets overdone. Most of the people changing their Facebook and Twitter status just join in to feel like they are part of the in-crowd. You can have a silent moment to think about it and then move on. The more time we spend crying about it, gives the terrorists more gloating you not think this is exactly what they want to have happened? They love every moment they steal of our country's joy. Don't give them the satisfaction!

I was at Purdue in my freshman dorm room. I had just gotten back from my first class of the day and was talking to my Australian buddy, Pete, on instant messenger. He asked me what the hell was going on in the States. Thinking he was just being his usual jokester self, I said, I don't know - tell me. So he did. I didn't believe him so I turned on the tv and saw all the news coverage. That was in between the first and second plane. Most of my classes were canceled or moved to rooms with tvs so everyone could watch the news.


  1. What I think is sad about today.... NO big deal was made in '02.. '03..'04.......... '09... '10... the only reason they are making a big deal is because it is '11...10 years later. I'm with you on all the fake emotions.. people need to wake up and realize what they take for granted (freedom, family, jobs, success, happiness) and cherish what God has given them.

    Oh, and thank a soldier! My brother isn't in Afghanistan for his health!

  2. To me, I remember 9/11 almost daily. It's hard not to when you have a husband you've sent off to war five times and now suffers from PTSD, and you also know numerous people WIA and KIA to defend our nation... But I have to agree that many of the people making a big show are just doing it because they're "supposed" to. I did blog about it, my feelings... my memories but that's it. I remember, but I don't dwell on it. I have that moment on the anniversary but I look to the future and pray that one day this war will be over and this country will be united again. I pray that the families are healing, surviving and thriving.



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