Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 157

My Sunday was spent with family and friends on an ATV/Ranger Poker Run. So much fun and it was for a good cause! (google Polaris Ranger if you are unsure of what I'm talking about)

Mom and I rode with my cousins. Hopefully we'll be able to afford our own ranger in the near future, but until that time, we enjoy riding with them! It was $5 a person to ride & $5 for a "taco bar" buffet at the end of the ride. GPS Tracker said we rode 77 miles. It sprinkled off and on throughout the day, but never much to be a nuisance. It was a cooler day, so it was really a great day to ride! The money we raised benefits 2 organizations. The first group, Safe Passage, is a shelter for domestic violence. The second group, (can't remember the name or if it even has an official name!), takes disadvantaged youth on once in a lifetime trips such as a week camping and hiking in the Grand Canyon. So proud to be part of a group of people that donated $330 to EACH group...that's right folks, a total of $660!!

our start/stop point - my Uncle's business (tractor pulling indoor track, go-kart track, and home of local ranger rides)

Here are a few pictures of our day! I took almost 100 shots and posted 50 on facebook. Had hoped to take more, but 1 group got lost (funny story since the leader of that group did a run the day before & he's a tow truck driver who should know the area well!) and the other had to make a few extra stops due to equipment problems, so I never got to meet up with them after the second stop and grab some pics of their groups.There's always next time, right? ha

listening about where our money is going!

 all our rides lined up on the indoor track

 stop #1

 the kids enjoyed water at nearly every stop

stop #2

it's awesome to see a line of atvs and rangers

stop #3 - a covered bridge

time to eat! yum!

chatting while in line to eat

the third group finally made it back after leaving 2 vehicles behind

my cousins rolling in

Callie telling me she had fun! :)

last stop - gotta draw your last poker card

Henry was ready to get out and move around ;)

me on one of the stops

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