Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Recap in Pictures


Test run on a pie for the upcoming family reunion Dessert Contest - thanks for the recipe Sarah Kate

yummy Chocolate Chip Ice Cream pie

 I even did the dishes at Jen's (by hand) so I wouldn't get in trouble for baking in her kitchen! ha

The rest of the evening I enjoyed spending time with my sis and eating good food! ha (did a lot of that this weekend...thank goodness I wasn't counting points this weekend!)


When I woke up and realized Jen was not going to get up anytime soon, I ran some errands in Indy. When I got back, we made another sweet treat, but you'll have to wait until another post to see that! ;) 

We had a delicious lunch at Papa Roux's...that place is seriously so good! After a filling lunch, we rested awhile and then had to get dolled up for a friend's wedding.

The bride & groom had a beautiful wedding and reception at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indy. It's a truly magnificent place! So happy for Penny & Adam.


Funday Sunday! :) Sunday I was back home in southeastern IN for a family reunion. There were actually 2 reunions that day (1 on mom's side & 1 on dad's side). I attended the one on my dad's side. The ice cream pie tied for 3rd place! We had some amazing desserts! It was great seeing all the little kids running around, playing together. It was nice catching up with family we only see this one time every year. Never a dull moment. ha

young & young at heart enjoyed the bounce house! haha

holding our annual "business meeting" and catching up on family locations/history/etc.


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! It just keeps getting busier from here on out!

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  1. I so would love to have a piece of that yummy looking pie you made... It looks so delish!



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