Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 201

First and foremost...don't forget to hop over to Jenni's blog (click on the blog button right below) and find out how to get your entries for my Scentsy GIVEAWAY!! :)

Today the chilly weather set in...and while I love it, I always HATE (I really do mean it in that strong of a term) to wear a coat, so I am not yet prepared for it. I think I'll have to wear my black coat, my black & gold scarf, and my black gloves to the Purdue football game this weekend cause it's gonna be cold! Argh!

I did splurge a little today and enjoyed a cookie from Panera...but I had the points for it! ;) One of our chemical sales people came down from Indy and brought goodies from Panera with her...mmmmm that was so good! ha

I really needed and wanted to relax this evening, my body just feels achy from the 2 nights of running on the treadmill and this cooler, rainy weather. Instead, I had another dental appointment. Fun, fun I tell ya! I can't even enjoy a glass of wine because my face is still numb...and as usual, probably will be until some point late into the night.

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