Sunday, October 2, 2011

Days 181-185

Wednesday 9/28

Moving day for my sister, Jenna! We moved her back to the complex she moved from nearly 2 years ago. It seems she has a great roomie, so we'll keep hoping that situation continues to be a good one. The best part of moving her was destroying the couch (sofa sleeper - do you know how HEAVY those damn things are?!?) that I originally bought when I moved to Indy for my first job after college. We have hated that couch for some time, so it was a joy! ha It ended up in the dumpster after mom removed the sleeper portion to make it lighter to carry.

yep, sparks & dumpsters :)

Thursday 9/29

After working a full (and chaotic) day at work...I ran a few quick errands before coming home to change my clothes and pack up everything for the weekend. Mom dropped me off at my aunt & uncle's house (we packed the million boxes in her truck). I got the trailer loaded with my stuff. Then we got my aunt settled in the truck (she recently had heel spur surgery and still cannot bear weight on that foot), I took off in my uncle's truck pulling the trailer. EEK! I was a little nervous, but the trailer pulled smoothly and the trip didn't seem to take very long even though I didn't drive nearly as fast as I normally do! haha When my aunt & I got down to Georgetown, KY to my cousin Zach's home, he greeted us with Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Yum! Later in the evening, we started setting up for the subdivision's garage sale weekend and my Scentsy Open House. My cousin Sara (Zach's sister) had sent lots of baby clothes for the garage sale. We were a bit slap happy by the end of the night!

setting up in the garage

Friday 9/30

Early to rise Friday morning....and there were already people cruising by at 7:30am, even though the garage sale didn't start until 8am! I really do not understand "yard salers." I can totally see the the benefit if you have a small child as clothing is expensive; however, I don't like it. ha I do not like to sort through hundreds of stacks to MAYBE find an item worth the trouble. Yuck. You probably won't ever catch me buying from a yard/garage sale.  To each his own! It was a slightly rainy morning, but cleared off and ended up being a pretty good day.

my little corner of the garage sale

Saturday 10/1

Where the heck did September go?? And why on earth is it so freaking cold already!?! Don't get me wrong...I LOVE fall. It's my favorite time of the year...but couldn't we ease into 50 degree weather? :p It was a miserably cold day and we didn't see as many people as the day before. Still managed to sell some items, but it wasn't what I'd call a success by any means of the word. I'm hoping all the fliers and business cards I passed out for my Scentsy business will net some returns in the coming months. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

baby Henry was so tired after a long day of selling :) here he is napping with his Scentsy Buddy, Patch the Dog

Sunday 10/2

Today was our day to return home. It ended up being a full house this weekend at Zach's. It was me, Zach, his mom (who rode down with me), his sister Sara and her 2 kids (who came down Friday night), his dad and other sister and her son (who came down Saturday afternoon)....woah. I think everyone needed a time out at one point or another! ha The kids pushed each other's buttons and Zach does not do well on patience. He used to be great about it, but he has lived on his own for the past 3 years and he cannot handle the noise or constant ruckus. And trust me, this group definitely causes a commotion! After a delicious breakfast, we all headed back home to leave Z with some peace and quiet...and lots of laundry! hahaha

Miss Callie shopping with her "baby" in tow today ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was crazy, but wouldn't trade it for anything in the world...except for some more sleep. ;)

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  1. I totally agree with you on the garage sales! I tried.. I really did... but so many times I just thought "eww... I wouldn't wear clothes of strangers.. so neither is my baby!" Now, if I know the person... then it is different.. but I totally hear ya!



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