Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 238

Happy Thanksgiving!! We started our day bright and early for a 6:05am flight! How's that for celebrating turkey day? haha We flew from Lexington to Atlanta and Atlanta to San Antonio. There was an one hour time change once we reached SA, making it in at about 1pm SA time.

It was awesome arriving to 67 degree weather and SUNSHINE! I know 67 doesn't sound that fantastic, but compared to 30's and 40's of late in Indiana - it was pretty stinkin' wonderful! ha The sun was super warm and it always felt much warmer (felt like upper 70's). We were definitely enjoying no jackets or long sleeves!

my first official look at the San Antonio Riverwalk :)

Our Thanksgiving dinner was at Dick's Last Resort. Mom and I have eaten at the one in Chicago, but Jen and Zach had never that was quite fun taking them for the first time. If you've never been to or heard of Dick's - it's pretty much a restaurant where the waiters harass and humiliate you. So be prepared for lots of laughter and snarky comments. Dick's is famous for the hats the waiters make for the patrons (see the pics below). LMAO We were sitting at a table right on the Riverwalk and people were inches away from our table as they made their walk around the Riverwalk...if they had been driving cars, there would have been many head-on collisions! We were laughing so hard watching people's reactions that we had tears streaming down our faces. Too much fun. :)

 "Suck for a Buck"

"I Used to be Hot"

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