Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 248

Oh cold, rainy've been a joy.

It was a sleep in sorta day. And we did. After getting up (much later than I even thought I would), we decided to go have brunch at Crossroads Restaurant. We pull in the parking lot and what do we see? Family vehicles! ha Turned out that my Uncle K, Aunt Roni, cousin Monica and her son Ethan, cousin Sara and her hubby Andy plus kids Callie and Henry were all just arriving to eat as well. It was a nice surprise and made for a fun breakfast! :)

Then mom dropped me off at the excavating office while she ran to the grocery store. I was done and waiting on her by the time she returned. I've been doing laundry and TRYING to catch up on my blogging ever since! It feels like I've been on my computer ALL day...and well, I kinda have been. ha Do you know how long it takes to recount 13 days worth of time?!? Holy smokes. I'm gonna try to not have to do that ever again!

Tonight we made a pot of chili for this week's meals and to finish off the meal, some apple turnovers. mmm mmm good!

And I just got the Christmas tree set up and decorated. We are now officially ready for Christmas. :)

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