Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 250

It is sometimes rough being a mommy to a fur-baby. :( Toby has switched to an organic dog food after I'd done lots of research about natural ways to try to cure his seizures. We thought it was working, but then he had another one. And another. And that was all right before we left for San Antonio. We were starting to think maybe that had been a fluke or the last of them...but tonight he got sick again. Much less than normal, but I feel so bad for my lil guy. hmph

Also, on another completely random note...tonight I watched Glee for the first time since probably week 2 of the season. I used to religiously watch it, but somewhere along the lines, I got too busy. ha Tonight I was reminded why I love it. And I fell in love with a song. It's seriously been on repeat.

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