Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 302

Fridays are supposed to be my "easy" day...but somehow that never quite works. I usually have a million errands to run and this week was no different. Got my nails done, went grocery shopping, delivered lots of Scentsy orders, made a bank trip, paid bills (takes 40 hours to earn that paycheck and 15 minutes to spend it!), exercised, and then made dinner. Mom wanted the Cheesy Chicken Casserole I made from Pinterest the other week AND the Ranch Red Potatoes. The potatoes are awfully darn good. ha


  1. I love these potatoes and all because of you! I dont think I know about the casserole? I need to look at that, did you post it? I am always up for a new love food item!! Erica


      Here's the link for the casserole. Can't remember if I posted it before or not! ha



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