Sunday, March 25, 2012

Days 354-356

Everyone else has recently been posting about new and/or favorite products! Well...I have to tell you about a new find and one that has also been a favorite for awhile.


A product that I've been using awhile thanks to the lovely Kate, another blogger, is Real Control Slim Supreme. It is awesome! My hair blow dries so much more smoothly and doesn't take me as long to straighten. Some days I can even go without using the straightener. Another product you must try!


Had to take a quick picture of a new pair of earrings that I am loving! They are a little glitzy. Charming Charlie's is seriously great! If you have one near you, you should go. It's a jewelry lovers dream.


My newest product find is due to a twitter post from my friend, Rachel. She lives in DC and follows a blog that recently posted this skincare set. I LOVE it! I never believed that in 2 days I would notice a difference, but I did. If you are allergic to sulfur, you will not be able to use this product, but if you aren' is well worth the $55 price tag at Sephora. (heck, I paid way more than that trying Mary Kay products for years!) Go get it. You'll love it too.


  1. They are opening a Charming Charlie's here and I am so excited! Looks like they have cute shoes too!

    I must try this Redken hair stuff, I'm always on the look out for smoothers. Since my hair is naturally wavy and humidity here just frizzes it.

    1. CC's is awesome! You'll love it! :) I'm lucky to have 2 within my shopping radius. ha

      My hair is naturally wavy too. Oh boy, the midwestern states definitely have the humidity going on...I've only been using it this winter, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it does in the true heat of summer. So far I am loving it!



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