Monday, April 2, 2012

Dog Plus Cat Equals Headache

Toby has never been a fan of cats. At one point, my cat was also in the house (although confined to one room) because he was kind of vicious. Right now we have 2 barn cats. They didn't start out as's friend brought out her indoor/outdoor cat after she had a litter because they couldn't keep her confined in the house and their dogs weren't having all the new kittens. Mom stupidly begrudgingly said that they could bring the cats to our barn across the road from the house. We thought if they stayed out there it wouldn't be too bad. Uh.....wrong! The mama cat (who the owners named Stinkerbell) and one of her kittens that is now fully grown (who we named Evil Kitty) are all that remains. Well, Stinkerbell is a pain in our asses. She is always up around the house, crying at my door and always under foot. It drives us insane! We actually keep a squirt bottle of water on the deck so we can get her to leave us alone. The past few days have been really really bad. She will not leave my bedroom door. (My bedroom is an addition to the house that has a door that goes straight outside.) So this is what I'm dealing with.......Stinkerbell meowing non-stop while Toby barks incessantly. Joyous. Headache much? UGH! Even after we scare the cat off, Toby sits like this for hours and hours and hours...he hasn't forgotten once in 4 days that something evil lurks on the other side of my door.

Welcome to my life. hahahaha :p

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