Monday, October 22, 2012

Just keep rollin' on...

My life is so crazy. I keep saying how I'd wish it would slow down, but seeing as how I don't believe that will ever happen, I just have to keep rollin' with the punches. Ya know?

Today was going to be this light-hearted post with pictures from the past week. We've been busy little bees. It will still include those pictures, but also has a more serious note to it...

My mom stayed home from work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and today. Today she went to go see her doctor and try to get over this cold/cough she's had since last Wednesday night. The doctor apparently thinks it's serious enough (or else this is his way of getting her to treat a few things he wanted to do all at once - that is not affordable to do all at once) to admit her to the hospital for 2-3 days. :( Luckily, Eric is home (he had a job interview today that we're keeping our fingers crossed for!) and is going to take her to the hospital because she is not allowed to admit herself. The doctor plans to "intensively treat her lungs." At this point, mom doesn't seem to concerned, so we'll just assume this is something mundane and routine until otherwise informed. Any and all prayers welcome!

And now for the pictures...

On Saturday, Eric, myself and the girls walked in the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Walk for Kids. My friend Olesha's little girl, Baylee, was the reason for all of us walking. The money raised at the walk benefits research and treatment of kids. It was a great cause. Slightly cool day, but the rain held off and we walked 1 mile (there is also a 3 mile course). Afterwards, Coney Island opens some of it's rides for the kiddos.
Baylee with her uncle's gf

Eric & Jordan

Our family Pinterest project! Thought these milk jug jack-o-lanterns turned out really cute! :)

Mom didn't feel good all weekend, so she mostly slept. Toby was having sympathy pains and must have thought that sleeping with mamaw would make her feel better. ;) They were sleeping buddies all weekend! He'll really be missing her the next few days. I'm gonna have a pouty puppy on my hands and it'll be worse since we won't be home in the evenings either in order to go visit her in the hospital.

I finally ordered a Grace Adele purse for myself. I have 1 of each style in stock, but had to keep emptying whichever one I was using for the parties and shows! So, I ordered the sand Sarah tote for myself...and boy oh boy do I love it! Very professional matched with my khakis and dress pants everyday for work and looks fun when paired with jeans and flats for the weekend.


  1. It's always so hard when mamas are sick because mamas are supposed to be indestructible :) thinking happy juju for yours!

  2. The milk jug jack o lanterns are really cute! They look like ghosts.

  3. LOVE that purse! Prayers for your mama!



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