Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We Have A Teenager

I thought the "Terrible Two's" were supposed to be bad, but since I missed that phase, I guess I can't judge. I do know that the teenage years have arrived...and with a vengeance! ha This past weekend, Eric's oldest daughter - Emma (aka Katniss), turned 13. :)

We celebrated on Friday night with a pizza party and cake after school with friends and family. Then she had 2 friends spend the night at our house. And it was long after we got home Friday night at the "Trying Teenage" years began. Woah.

While Eric stayed at home with Emma and her friends, I treated Jordan to a special night out! We had some bonding time while getting pedicures! It was her FIRST ever and she loved every second. ;) I don't think she stopped talking the whole way there or back. haha As one of my co-workers pointed out, sorry for the Asian cleavage...was sitting in the next chair trying to get a picture of Jordy's toes!

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  1. Awe Happy Birthday to her. I am glad she had a great time & enjoyed it & I am also glad the other one enjoyed the pedi :)



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