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noun, often attributive \ˈdē-ˌtäks, di-ˈtäks\

Definition of DETOX

: detoxification from an intoxicating or addictive substance detox
: a detox program or facility detox
detox verb
Whenever I have discussed an ionic detox or now this new diet detox, I always get asked questions about it - either in comments or via email. Since a few have asked about this new diet detox, I figured I would go ahead and share what I know.
Some family friends of ours know the man (he lives in KY) who created the Resolve2XL program. Several local friends have taken the plunge and are giving the program a try...even my mom is doing it! My mom attended the meeting and met the creator of the system. Remember, this is a woman who eat what she wants, drinks pop a lot, doesn't exercise, and lives a fairly sedentary life. She's also been overweight ever since she finished birthing 2 lovely daughters. ;)  
The initial detox period lasts for 7 days. It looks something like this:
Day 1 - 24 hour fast; drink only water, no food unless absolutely necessary and even though, just a peeled apple (for example)
Days 2-4 - R2XL smoothie morning & night; only fruits & veggies for meals (lettuce no dressing, steamed broccoli or cauliflower, strawberries, bananas, foods off the "approved" list)
Days 5-7 - R2XL smoothie morning & night; fruits & veggies as previous days stated, but may also now add in 3 oz of fish (whiting, tuna or salmon)
The smoothies are not bad at all. Mom had me try hers (she always does strawberries & bananas with the 2 powders and 1/2 bottle of water). There are other recipes out there for people who need more variety. 
My mom lost 16.5 pounds during the 7 day detox. The most lost out of our group of friends (of which several are listed on the website) is 18 pounds in the first week. Mom did gain a few pounds the next week (but she broke the rules and had dinner out with my sister for her birthday), but she is back down to her initial loss during the 3rd week. 
I do not intend to keep doing this program after the 7 day period is over. What I'm hoping to accomplish during this period is:
1. Jump start my weight loss
2. Detox my body from sugars (been drinking too much pop again lately!)
3. Set myself up for healthy eating with all the fruits & veggies
*I also plan to make it a priority to exercise 3x's a week from this point forward as I always feel better when I'm exercising and I've been really bad about doing anything other than our family walks when the weather is decent enough to be outside.
It does seem to be working for those who are faithful to the plan. You can see the inches that my mom has lost more so than the actual weight. Her clothes look to be getting baggy on her. Go Mom! She is fully committed and I am so proud of her. She hasn't had any pop since starting the R2XL program and that in itself is mind blowing. ha
So, I'm gonna give it a go and see what happens. I will be sure to post an update after my 7 days are over. I am going to start it next Monday (as Eric says - you probably want to avoid me that day since I can only have water all day). :p

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  1. Good luck girl! I hope this helps you get that jumpstart!



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