Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Display: A Family Outing

There is a local family that does an annual pumpkin display. The display has around 200+ carved pumpkins each year. Tonight was their opening night for this year, so mom, Eric, Emma and I headed out to see it! It was cool to see all the pumpkins and get some ideas for our own Halloween decorating next year! :)

You park on the side of the road, walk up to the house, and wander around the yard with the masses. Seriously, there are people everywhere! They set it up in a great format though. There were 4 hay wagons out in the yard with roped off area and you just circled around those. Then there was the front porch of the house down out along the side of the yard which led to the last wagon. There was also a graveyard with headstones. ;)

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