Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So Close To A Goal

As you all little family has been surviving on our Scentsy Family Business income. It's not been easy and hopefully today things will change (Eric has an interview for a job he'd be perfect for and has experience in - prayers PLEASE!); HOWEVER, until that time comes...we're still relying on Scentsy.

We are $40 away from our sales goal this month. I know that doesn't sound like much, but when you pay the bills and buy your food solely on something so simple, it makes a huge difference. With that being said, if anyone is in need of a birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift or a new gorgeous piece of home decor...I would ask that you consider Scentsy! We have so many beautiful pieces!

With the purchase of just 1 of these gorgeous Lampshade warmers, we'd meet our goal for January!

You can also snag one of your "old" favorites that have gone away, but are back for the month of January only!

Also, I am booking catalog parties for February! Grace Adele has a new catalog debuting February 1st (I love so many of the new items!!) and Scentsy always has great items! You don't have to live nearby to host a party! Fellow blogger, Jenn, held a party in NY once! I will send you catalogs and some scent testers, with a pre-paid envelope to mail it all back to me and all you have to do is share it with your friends/family. They can even order online if they don't live close to you! Cool, huh? A mere $150 order will earn you FREE and HALF-PRICE items! Good deal, don't ya think? Anyone interested? Email me at!

And if you're looking for a home business venture - Scentsy and Grace Adele are offering FREE shipping on your starter kit thru January 31st, plus a special offer to earn a Special Kit for FREE! (I had to pay for that special kit when I earned it!)

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