Friday, February 7, 2014

5 On Friday

It's my first time linking up with the 5 On Friday crew! I have missed doing Mama M's 5 Question Friday, so I'll try to be consistent with this one.

I am loving my personal training sessions with Abby! Are they killing me? Yes. Does it feel good? Yes. Food choices haven't been perfect, but with limited grocery funds, they probably won't be for awhile. My portions are under control and the exercise helps balance everything!

Gold Bond. Seriously. I am still trying to resolve my arm pit rash from trying the Dove deodorant ONE time! Argh. Having sensitive skin is such a pain in the you know what! Gold Bond has been my friend the past few days. Hopefully this thing clears up soon. It's not fun.

Mani/pedi. Ahhhhhh. I have soooooo been missing having my bi-weekly manicure and monthly/bi-monthly pedicure sessions. My husband calls me "high maintenance" and I tell him, darn right! ha I am terrible at doing my own nails, although I have gotten slightly better over the past 8 months. I joyously received 2 gift certificates for my favorite nail salon for Christmas gifts and have been plotting when to use them. Sad, no? Since it's almost Valentine's day and I also have a Scentsy training event on Saturday, I decided to have a little me time at the salon. Saw these nails on Pinterest and couldn't resist having it done!

Taxes. Yes, you heard me right. I am one of those overachieving eager-beavers that likes to get my taxes done early. I usually spend the first few days of the year getting all my papers together (it's a little more involved with a home business) and then play the waiting game all month on my W-2's and 1099's. This year we miraculously had everything together by the end of the month, so Saturday we made the trek to my tax accountant. If you're in the Louisville area, Accounting Unlimited is an amazing office! Pat and her family have been doing my taxes for about 10 years now. No one knows the law better! She has satellite offices in Greenwood, IN & Lexington, KY during tax season. She's worth the money. I normally mail mine in, but since Eric and I are filing together this year, we had an appointment (as she does with all new clients). Just remember, you get what you pay for when filing taxes!

My Scentsy Family Business. February 1st marked an exciting start to the month! Scentsy & Velata are both 10% off this month! Grace Adele debuted the Spring catalog! Oh my word! Love it!! I'm thinking I am going to need a coral or teal purse!!



  1. Girlfriend I am right there with you on getting taxes done EARLY! I have finally got everything together and I plan on getting them done Monday! I got my last W2 yesterday!

  2. Hello from the link up :) The Valentine mani is way cute!! Hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start!

  3. Please contact Dove at so we may learn more about your experience.



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