Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Influenster Vox Box Review

I am a bad, bad blogger.... hmph

This is actually my 3rd Vox box. I may have shared that I received the first one, but never did anything AFTER that. :p Whoops. Life gets in the way, ya know!?

Anyway...this time I got the Dove box. It is slightly disappointing that only ONE item came in the box. I'm used to getting several items in a box (even though I haven't enjoyed most of what I've gotten, but some of it has been good).

I decided to really give this item a fair try. I have SUPER sensitive skin. It's why I don't often test many new brands of makeup or bodywash or anything...when I find something that works for me (and works well) without causing an awful skin rash, I tend to stick with it. To the bitter end. I hate it, but after some of the rashes I've had, it scares you to try anything new for fear of "that one time."

Due to all the lovely products I CANNOT use, stick deodorant has been on the No Use list for many many years. Instead, I've been a faithful user of aerosol deodorants (like Degree). No rash = happy Erin. I was going to wait until after my weekly training session to try it (cause I didn't want to have sore arm pits from a rash during a grueling workout), but went ahead and tried it anyway. One use was all it took for me to decide NO. Unfortunately, I started to break out after just one use of the deodorant.

So I have switched back to my faithful aerosol deodorant. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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