Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Learning More Each Week

I've accomplished 3 weeks of personal training sessions. I learn something new each week...about myself, about my body, about food and about recovery time. 

After getting warmed up with some laps around the gym and doing a few sets of exercises, Abby asks me..."did your shoulders hurt last week?" And without even thinking, I said...Nope! (uh oh) Abby says, "wrong answer." hahaha Trust me, we made up for it this week! ;)

I am learning these amazing lessons. I did planks. PLANKS. And lots of 'em. Just when I thought I couldn't do anymore, Abby has me add movements to the planks. Holy smokes, friends! And ya know what? It was easier at the end than in the beginning. Mind blown.

We talk about nutrition. I know this is my weak link right now, despite all the work I have done to make better choices. My grocery list has changed a lot in the past 3 weeks and is still changing. Abby is thinking about taking a group of us who attend her classes/personal training sessions to Jungle Jim's or Trader Joe's and really get serious about organic/natural choices in clean eating plans. Yay! I sooooo wanna do that. I have been researching clean eating plans. I so admire all of you who are able to do this and have husbands/kids who go along with it or else you really don't mind cooking 2 meals a night. Me? Half the things I suggest...my husband looks at me like I'm crazy and the girls are the pickiest eaters possibly ever...and I am so not up for cooking 2 meals every night. So there are some things to figure out with that, but I WILL do it. 

I cannot stress how awesome it is to go in and push through a workout...and you are unbelievably happy to get a high five from your trainer for doing a good job! Yep, it's the little things.

I see changes happening for so many of my amazing blogger buddies...God is at work and it's pretty cool. I do believe that 2014 is a year of change and growth! Cheers to all of you working on changing ANY aspect of your life...those of us doing it too know it's not easy.


  1. My suggestion when it comes to dealing with your husband who turns his nose up and the girls who are picky...make whatever your gonna make but swap out things like whole wheat pasta instead of regular pasta. Ground turkey instead of regular ground beef. Greek yogurt instead of sour cream things like that. 20 bucks they wont even notice.

  2. I agree with Nikki! Most picky eaters don't notice!



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