Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stuck in a Holding Pattern

Well, I was hoping that my next post would be telling you that they were starting on our kitchen remodeling project....but that is not to be! :(

Tonight our contractor was supposed to come over and finalize everything to start tomorrow. Eric texted him tonight to confirm and he told us he has pushed the start date back to the end of next week. Womp, womp. We were waiting to find out when our cabinets would be in and he found out today that they won't be in until August 6th. Whaaaaaaat?!? So, despite all of Eric and Emma's hard work to get our spaces demo'd by tomorrow, we now have an additional week. Oh and did I mention that next week is our county fair week? Ha. Such is life.

And a few pictures for your amusement...
this wall will be where the washer/dryer/utility sink and half bath will be located

bye bye appliances, cabinets & counters

Emma ripping up the carpet...in our kitchen :P

We have no kitchen. The fridge and deep freezer are still plugged in, but we'll have to get those moved next week to the outdoor covered porch. I already warned everyone that the washer and dryer were not being moved until the new ones went in, so they'd have to work around them! ha I absolutely refuse to go to a laundromat, not that we even have many choices in small town Indiana.

So please keep your fingers crossed that we survive the next few weeks! hahaha

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