Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life Without A Kitchen

Folks, I never ever...imagined that I would say, WE ARE SICK OF EATING OUT! Seriously. Eric & Emma demo'd our kitchen a month ago. The contractor delayed 2 weeks...and as of today, has been at our house a total of 6 days.

So needless to say, the kitchen is not coming along as quickly as I had imagined or hoped. Womp, womp.

So to tide you over until the joyous & highly anticipated kitchen reveal...please enjoy these snippets of our "in real life" kitchen saga. Hahaha

Oh yeah...our cabinets were accidentally delivered instead of being held at the store we bought them from, so that adds to the fun. Totally.

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  1. Oh my word! Prior to moving into our house, we remodeled the kitchen. Our move in day we had a "kitchen" but no stove, microwave, running water, or refrigerator. That was a LONG few days... I can not imagine going a MONTH without. Hopefully your contractor gets in gear and can get you a kitchen!



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