Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dilemma, Dilemma

Argh! Do you ever just not know what to do? I have 2 options right now...and both have their ups and downs, neither of which outweighs the other! In my mom's words, "I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't!" Argh! Argh! Argh! *frazzled sigh*

So here's the situation...feel free to weigh in with your thoughts! Cause I'm stuck...BIG TIME!

I moved home in November. My contract was ended with the federal government office I was working for (I was a contract worker through an employment agency). I loved, no LOVED that job! Yes it was stressful and yes the hours were long...but the people made it better and so did the hefty paycheck. ha I worked night shift for awhile after that job ended, but it was going nowhere fast and was a horrible place to work. My lease ended in Indy and I found myself moving home to save on rent and utilities! When I moved home I was lucky enough to find myself employed by my cousin, Sara. She owns this fantastic salon, Odyssey! I've been going there long before she ever owned it!! (really, I'm not biased! *wink*) I am the receptionist, but it is an odds 'n ends kinda job. I spot clean, do the laundry, schedule appointments, take phone calls, send out mailings, receive packages, check inventory into the system, stock product shelves, run errands, assist the stylists, greet and handle check-out for the clients, create promotional flyers, change the outdoor sign, and send all the info to my other cousin (Sara's brother), Zach, to be uploaded to the website. I work three days a week at the salon and am SO very thankful that it has allowed me to pay the bills since November!

Now enter the problem...ha...God never gives us more than we can handle right? I just wish He didn't think I was so strong!

My aforementioned cousin, Zach, works for Lexmark via TCS (an Indian company - not pow wow Indians, but the ones from India! ha) in Seymour. They are relocating him to Lexington, KY. We thought the move wouldn't happen until May/June, but now it is bearing down on April 1st! Zach is like my brother...he is just 2 months older than my sister, Jenna...we all grew up together and we still are very close. He asked me to move to Lex with him and I really wanna go! The chance to be back in a city where there are a) more job opportunities and b) more people is exciting! (Let's face it...I'm not gonna find Mr. Right in O-so-good! I've been in and around here my whole life and the options are less than thrilling! *sticking my tongue out*) However, moving poses the same problems I had in Indy and the reasons I moved home in the first place...finding a job that will cover all my normal bills PLUS rent/utilities is not so easy, especially in our lovely economy. I applied for a few jobs last night in the Lex area, but I'm not holding my breath. I know the drill - "you're overqualified" "not qualified enough" "why don't you want to work in education?" - blah blah blah!

To make matters worse, the salon really can't afford to have two receptionists (me and the high school girl who works after school and on Saturdays). I was the most recent hire, so I will be the first to go. It's not that Sara doesn't want me there, because there are things I can and have handled much better than the high schooler, but with people spending less and less on frivolous extras (like coloring your hair), the money just isn't there for an extra employee. I have the opportunity to get hired on at a local golf course to run the club house April - October; however, what do I do once October is here? The bills will be slightly less by then since my car will be paid off (yay!), but that still leaves so many WHAT IFs. Argh!

Ugh....I'm so confused! Usually I'm a very no-nonsense, have-it-together type of person. I despise being unorganized and unsure of what I should be doing!?!

  1. Osgood - work at the salon as long as Sara keeps me around (probably April/May), add in the golf course until October, have my partner in crime move 2+ hours away; worry about money come October!?!
  2. Lexington - move the 3rd time in 2 years, find a job to pay all my bills (still worry about money), be 2+ hours away from home, drive back and forth every few weeks for the summer's Queen pageant activities; move again in 18 months when my cousin gets relocated again!

I have been praying about this and will continue to do so...I have no clue what to do!


  1. I have some thoughts.....we'll talk when you get here :)

  2. I think you should go. What do you have to loose?? Seriously, you go and have three options
    1. HATE it - move back home (nothing lost)
    2. Can't find a job.. so you move back home
    3. Absolutely love it, find the *perfect* job, fall in love, get married and do all the newly wed things.
    I vote for #3! With what I've heard about you, you'll have no trouble being ultra successful!! :)
    Best wishes on whatever you decide!!

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence Missy! I would personally love #3! ha And E2...yes, we'll talk when I get to SC...I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  4. Moving is never fun, but if you aren't happy where you are...why stay? I know you will do what is best and God will lead you the whole way. Best of luck!



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