Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Weekend

Okay, so this has been a fairly mundane weekend...but yet, oh so funny! Friday night my cousin Zach came over for Friday Night Chinese. It's a tradition we started back in November when I moved, Zach and I all have Chinese when I get home from work on Friday nights at our house. We usually end up chatting for several hours, watching tv and just goofing off. Add in Toby and it's become our "thing." ha Everyone at my work even knows about it and are shocked when we don't do it! Zach spent the night this weekend because of some scary stuff going on due to an old business connection his family had and we all felt it best if he wasn't home alone. (Please keep them in your prayers as it is a dangerous situation.)

Saturday, I tanned per usual (it's my relaxation time!) and then got ready for the day. Mom and I went to Kroger's after she got home from work. She put Toby in his crate and off we went. We returned home about two hours later, only for me to step in the door and step ON Toby! We were shocked and couldn't figure out why he was out of his crate!?! Luckily, I didn't hurt him when I stepped on him...although he did favor his one paw for a little while. Come to find out, his genius mamaw forgot to shut BOTH doors on the crate! haha I still don't know how she missed the wide open door, but by some grace of God...Toby didn't potty on the floor or make a mess! He had free roam of the house and the only thing he did was play with my cell phone charger cord, which he does a lot and always gets in trouble! ha

Today was another easy day...I love weekends like this! Mom and I slept in (sort of) and had breakfast at my favorite place, Crossroads Restaurant! Our family friends own the restaurant and the food is absolutely delicious! Breakfast is my favorite meal there too...and it's honestly for the toast! (laugh all you want) Toby took a loooooong morning nap with his mamaw while I kept myself busy. This afternoon he played hard for about 1.5 hours and I caught great footage of him on my camera! I posted one of the videos I created this afternoon on here.

Hope you all had a blessed and relaxing weekend! I only have to work two days this week and then I'm headed to South Carolina with my sister to stay with our cousins, Jacob and Erin for a few days! Can't wait! I miss Jacob & E2!! (Her name is also Erin M. Menchhofer now that they are married and everyone calls me E1 and her E2. ha)

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  1. Cute video. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with Toby!



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