Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bowling Birthday Bash

Friday night was so much fun! My adorable cousin, Ethan, had his big 5th Birthday party at a local bowling alley....and the entire family came out for some fun! We bowled for a few hours. Most of us hadn't bowled in several years! haha I was at a lane with mom, Zach, Sara, Andy and Jason! We had a blast...Jason won the first game and Mom won the second. We all had our ups and downs, but it was good. Ethan and the other kids had a BLAST!! He is so stinkin cute and so are the others. Monica babysits Adam and we know them pretty well. And McKenzie is another cousin, plus she lives just down the road from Ethan. They were all in pre-school together the past 2 years, so I feel sorry for the kindergarten teacher who has to break up that posse!! haha Ethan had a huge birthday cake and also got to open lots of presents! We gave him a bag of red golf balls with his name imprinted on them, as well as a bag of golf tees. He was pretty excited!! He has been wanting colored golf balls. ha After bowling, a big group of us headed over to Mancino's (pizza & grinders) for dinner. It was my first time eating there and boy oh boy is it good!?! We'll be going back there soon! I couldn't believe it was a little after 10pm by the time we got done eating and were ready to leave Greensburg. Mom and I finally made it home and got ready for bed...but Toby was all wound up from being home alone all day! haha

Ethan Lee Hansen, 5 yrs old

Adam, McKenzie, Ethan, Kolton

Oh the fun of family and birthdays! Ethan is now 5 years old...which is hard to believe! It was also nice to spend time with everyone. I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

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