Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Toby scares his mommy!

This weekend Toby gave me quite the scare!! You see...mamaw gave Toby a new plush toy the other day. He had completely destroyed his other toys and the bone we ordered him (like his purple squeaky one) hadn't arrived yet. He loved the new squeaky dumb-bell shaped toy...he would roll it, shake it, and run around with it! Well Saturday morning I slept in ('til 9am). I have been absolutely exhausted from all the hours I'm working, plus trying to get stuff done for the Queen Pageant AND keep up with stuff here at home. I woke up to Tobers barking at my bedroom door and scratching at it...my alarm went off, so I got up and headed into the kitchen to see what he was up to! ha

I walk into the kitchen and scattered from my door through the house into the living room under mom's table...was polyfill...yep, that would be the stuffing from his new plush toy!!! I get into the living room and immediately panic sets in as I see the toy ripped open under the table. I pick it up and pull it apart...no squeaker!?! AAHHH! I frantically searched the house for this plastic or metal piece (I've heard it can be either from puppy articles). I can't find it! I call mom at work and tell her that her grandson has destroyed the toy she gave him and I'm sure he's eaten the stupid squeaker. My dog will eat just about anything he can get to! We debate calling one of our vets (I have one for Toby, but had to take him to another family friend who is a vet when my vet was sick for a few weeks) and having Toby checked out, but in the end decide to watch him and see what happens. It's gotta come out one end, right?!? So we wait and watch...nothing. He's running around like normal although I keep feeling his stomach to see if I can feel anything abnormal! Mom watches him while I'm at work and doesn't notice him acting any differently.

Saturday night Zach comes over for dinner and Toby is running around the house like his usual nutty self. We're about to call it a night when all of a sudden Toby "yacks" up some pasty lookin stuff on the floor! (Sorry for the description...but I definitely didn't look too hard at it! I'll be a horrible mom cause it makes me sick to be around others getting sick! Mamaw had to clean that junk up!!) Mom says there's something hard and plasticy in the yack, so we are glad that he passed the squeaker! And he of course goes right back to his usual self!

Sunday I'm working again and mom gives me a call...guess what she found?!? THE SQUEAKER! The little turkey didn't eat it after all, he must have played with it and it was stuck between the copy machine stand and the couch!!!!!!! So...we have no idea what he yacked up, but at this point nothing surprises me with him! Ah Toby!! Little rat gave me a panic attack this weekend for nothing! Don't you just love puppies!?!

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  1. I'm so glad that everything turned out fine in the end. I can't help but wonder what was that hard/plastic thing found in the yuck? Guess the world will never know.



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