Sunday, May 11, 2008

Exciting News!

YAY! So...I very well may have a full-time job! (yes, I know I am working full time hours at the course, but that's not what I mean! ha) Last night I was closing the course and my boss was hanging out with a friend when he asked me if I wanted to work full-time. I said, um...well, I'm pretty much already doing that...haha Then he said no, he meant that he was talking with his brother and they were tired of doing all the paperwork for their businesses (they own companies that do line work for the local REMC as well as general contracting/electrical work among other things!). So I said that sounds like a good plan. So now we're in the process of working out all the details...hours, pay, etc. I'm really excited though! I've known Jesse and his brother Matt for a long time. They are both easy going and it would be great to have a full-time job!! So, we'll just see what happens I guess. And I will still be working at the golf course, at least during the summer. Jesse would have a melt down if I didn't! :p

That's all the news I have for now...not really set in stone, but exciting nonetheless!!


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'm sure it will all work out like it is suppose to.

    BTW...did you get a hair cut/different style? Either way...I like it!

  2. Thanks Jean! No, my hair has been the same since February when I decided to chop it all off! ha But thanks, I'm loving it!



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