Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fair Week Survivor

haha...anyone who truly loves county fairs are the only ones who will understand what I mean by fair week SURVIVOR!?! Each year the fair is like a safe haven, a return to childhood and all that was fun about growing up on a farm, but it also reminds me that I'm getting older and do not have the same energy I once had! ha For me, fair week was a daily barrage of things to do...take care of the animals, get ready for the show, show my animals, cleanup, hang out with friends, sleep and repeat the following day! On top of showing pigs, cattle, rabbits, sheep and even ducks...I always had numerous non-walking projects to get ready for fair - flowers, genealogy, photography, child development, etc, etc, etc... Now when I attend the fair, I barely get myself there long enough to watch parts of a few shows and eat a meal or two! ha Somehow they always seem to wrangle me to announce a show or two and the Auction. I've always loved doing it, but this year it was extra tiring for some reason (just not sure what it was!). ha We survived the typical fair weather...a storm blew in Sunday night and we watched trash barrels roll across the fairgrounds, but drove home going 40mph in a torrential downpour. (I've had a bad experience with being stuck in the bathrooms at the fairgrounds during a tornado and will never repeat that! ha I'll take my chances going home!) It rained again Monday night, but not until really late. The rest of the week was hot and humid per usual, but it did cool down some for the Auction on Friday, which made me happy since I had to sit in the same spot for 5 hours!! :p

All in all, the Ripley County Fair went pretty smoothly this year. Here's a picture of the Queens (and King) goofin around after the Swine Show, the longest day of the week for them!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! I'm heading to work here in a little bit...let me say that working 7 days a week is exhausting!

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  1. You gotta love the fair. No matter how tiring, we always go back! But, I am glad you survived!



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