Friday, July 18, 2008

Woah! It's been awhile...

No excuse for my lack of posts! I've been extremely exhausted lately, which I'll reveal all here in a bit. I could make this several posts, but I'm too lazy to break it all up! ha So, sorry in advance for the lengthy post.

My baby, Toby
As my last post stated, I was waiting for Toby to arrive back home after being neutered. Luckily, he bounced right back! Unfortunately, I see no end in sight on the whole hiking his leg to pee issue. He has become downright defiant on the potty training. All the puppy training books I've read say that they can get a little awnry around 6-9 months...oh yeah, did I mention that he's about 7 months old now! ha We continue to praise him for good behavior and discourage the rebellion. I'll keep ya posted! And on another note with his surgery...they had to remove a row of baby teeth because they weren't coming out on their own and his adult teeth were ready to pop up. This of course cost me quite a bit more than I had anticipated and although the vet tech said he shouldn't chew as much anymore, we haven't seen anything to backup that promise!! He's pretty good by only chewing his toys, but if he gets distracted and finds your out!

There she is...Miss Ripley County
My last pageant as the director/committee member is officially over! I have one final event to attend, the opening ceremony at the county fair on Sunday night where the Court members will be introduced. It was a truly awesome pageant and we received many compliments that night and I still have emails rolling in daily! I am proud of all we have accomplished. As I said on-stage during my committee thank you (yes, I brought out the ugly cry! darn it! I thought I'd be able to do it without tears, but no such luck!) it was a bittersweet night knowing that all the work I've done is now over, but that I no longer get to work with the girls. We had 17 past queens in attendance and even surprised the first Miss Ripley County with a sash and crown! There were over 400 people in attendance and our audience donated almost $1,800.00 to the local food pantries through our penny wars! Talk about an amazing community! All in all, the 50th Miss Riplcy County Queen Pageant was a success! When one door closes, another will open...

The week before the pageant I got a terrible case of poison sumac. Luckily Dr. Mulford gave me a shot to clear it up. I had to use the cream a little, but after the shot, I really didn't itch any until the very end of it cleared up! While he was checking out the sumac on my throat (it completely covered my throat, covering from ear to ear) he mentioned that he thought my thyroid was enlarged. Now recent events tell me that this may very well be a Menchhofer family trait. My cousin Sara, who has had to undergo extra sonograms and testing during her pregnancy, has a thyroid problem. Sara's brother Zach, my partner in crime, was also tested but they said his levels were fine. Our Grandpa had many health issues concerning allergies and what not when we were young and it seems that everything he encountered, I have as well. I'm not sure if they really diagnosed thyroid problems back then, but they do now. I've saving up to do the bloodwork to see if it is my's about $300 and I don't have insurance. *sad face* So, we'll see what happens! This could explain why I have such a hard time losing weight. I really don't eat all that unhealthy and I'm pretty active, so I should not be as heavy as I am!?!

That's all folks...enjoy a pic of the new Queen's court! Check out our website if you want more info!

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  1. Hey E! Thanks for the update! I'm glad that everything went so well with the pageant. I saw the pics on facebook and it looked like a very grand has come a long way since the year I was a judge for you.

    I'm sorry Toby hasn't stopped the leg hiking, but if it makes you feel any took us almost a year to get our pup potty-trained.

    I hope everything turns out good with the thyroid. I know that little thing can cause a lot of problems in some people.

    Have a great rest of the weekend.



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