Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Happenings

Well, after my birthday...things really picked up! haha It's so sad to say that, but it's the truth! Oh well, I figure birthdays will be better again (if & when) I have someone to share them with...

This past weekend was really nice. The weather wasn't unbearable and I didn't have to work on Saturday, so it was all in all a good time! Jenna came home for the weekend, so she joined mom and I at The Grub for dinner Friday night after I got off work. Saturday morning we lazed around the house and entertained Toby. haha Saturday afternoon/evening we attended Sara & Andy's baby shower. I can't believe it's getting close to the time we'll all get to meet Baby Comer (Oct. 9th is the due date)! It was a nice "family" baby shower with everyone there. Neither Sara or Andy like to be the center of attention/have everyone watching them, so it was funny to see them open gifts! Mom had her 30th HS Reunion Saturday night as well...she got home well after we did...those old folks sure know how to party! *wink* haha Jenna and I ran errands in Greensburg after the baby shower and when we got home, Zach came over to hang out for awhile. He's been traveling ALL the time with work now that he's in Lexington, so I never get to see him anymore! Actually, while we were waiting on mom to come home from the reunion, the 3 of us planned a mini-vacation! We'd been talking about it with mom, but since Zach was here, we just decided to make the plans...and we did!! I'm really excited...actually, we're all really excited...about taking an extended weekend to Gatlinburg, TN in the middle of September! It'll be nice to just get away for a few days and not do the usual routine. We stayed up way too late Saturday night, but it was fun! Sunday morning we did our usual and had breakfast at Crossroads. I had to work in the afternoon, but mom and I managed a DQ trip for dinner! ha

We're back to the grind of the week...although today it is pouring down rain, and luckily I'm not having to work right now! If it ever stops (which it isn't supposed to today) I'll have to go work League tonight, but if I don't have to - mom and I are going to Greensburg just to break up the monotony! Can you tell we're getting tired of everything around us?!? ugh! It's frustrating and usually I'm so busy with a million different things that I don't notice the "tied to a place" feeling, but I am feeling trapped in this town right now! haha

On a side note...lots getting ready to take place...my Purdue course starts in 2 weeks (I paid for all that stuff yesterday), State Fair has finally arrived, Mom's birthday will start September off with a bang, and each week I seem to learn of friends expecting little ones! This year has truly been one of baby mania...at one point I counted around 25 babies due this year and already know of 10 for next year! And for us single people, it makes being single that much more lonely. It's one thing to hang out with couples, but once they start having babies, you tend to get left out of the circle of friends.

Sara & Andy (aka Big Daddy)

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