Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Devil Dog

Tonight mom and I were shopping at Wal-Mart and were headed for the cash register...they had all the Halloween stuff on sale and we could see that there were dog costumes! So naturally, we had to stop and see what they had. They had the cutest outfits...pirate, hot dog, king, cowboy, devil, angel, etc...they were 50% off!! I figured I've wasted more than $3.50 that the costume was going to cost me so I might as well get one for Toby!

We decided on the Devil Dog because he is my little devil! ha And yes, today that name fit very very well...he was driving me bonkers! The outfit is a little big, as I suspected it would be. Mom is going to shorten the straps on it for next year so it fits better. haha He did not like wearing the costume, but he was quite cute as you will see below!!

Happy Belated Halloween! :D

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