Friday, December 19, 2008

Slow Progress is Better Than None at All

Well, as the title says...still working on my room! :p Things were moving quite quickly at the beginning, but now that my room is livable again - things have halted considerably! No wonder they say if you move into a house before it's done it'll take you at least 10 years to finish it!?! haha I am happy to report that things are looking good...I'm quite pleased with it and I can't wait to get my curtains next week so it will officially be finished! Today my new roman shade came in for the door that goes to the driveway, mom helped me hang several more pictures on the wall, and I even managed to get the shelves painted and back in place. :) I am LOVING my new 32" LCD tv! (xmas present from mom)

Last few things to do:
-finish hanging pictures
-print pics to change out some of the frames
-carry last few things upstairs to storage room
-sweep floor for the millionth time :p
-find a sofa table (with unusual dimensions - probably gonna have to build it)

I should be able to take the final pictures and post 'em by Christmas Eve!

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